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Sunnylands Primary School, Carrickfergus

Bushmills Day 1

26th Feb 2018

After a trip from Carrickfergus that only contained 37 'Are we there yet?' questions, P7 arrived safely in Bushmills.

After a short introduction, we tucked into a nice lunch of hot dogs and beans, before collecting our wet gear and boots.

We travelled to Coleraine by bus and loaded the canoes into the River Bann. We were lucky because the current was flowing the 'right' way which meant rowing was easier than previous years. 

Back on dry land, we had our dinner and then went for a walk around Bushmills. Miss Childs took us to the Distillery in the hope we could get a tour, but fortunately it was closed, so we dragged her kicking and screaming to the Bushmills Inn for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

We are now in our jambos doing our homework. Yes even on a trip, education never sleeps. 

Speaking of sleep, we hope to have them tucked up and snoring by 10pm 🙄.

Everyone is getting on well (even the teachers) and looking forward to tomorrow's activities...