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Sunnylands Primary School, Carrickfergus

Bushmills Day 3

28th Feb 2018

Undettered by the plummeting temperature and 'cut you in half' icy wind, P7 continued to enjoy outdoor activities today.

We started off this morning with the high ropes and rock climbing. Even though the winds were quite strong, quite a few pupils made it to the top.

After lunch we went for a cycle then headed to Giant's Causeway. Normally this can be quite busy, but today we were the only souls there...I can't imagine why!

Then it was back for chicken nuggets and chips before heading off to archery.

As it is our last night, we are having Chip Butties for supper (as a treat) and watching a movie.

Orienteering through the forest is tomorrow's activity and then we pack up and head home (to sleep for a week) 🙃.

Ps We got some pictures of an old boot at Giant's Causeway, but Miss Childs made me delete them as she didn't like her hair in them.

Keep smiling 😊.